Because it is not always easy to get funding together, we ask you to support us in realizing our projects. Because contributions from fans of Lonneke van Leth Producties really make the difference! You can make a donation via the crowdfunding of Pay it Forward.


As a private individual you can support us in several ways: It is possible to make a one-off donation to Lonneke van Leth Producties. One-off donations are only deductible insofar as the total amount of one-off donations exceeds 1% of your aggregate income, or at least € 60. The maximum deduction is 10% of your aggregate income.


There is a special package for donations from € 250.00 and up.
For that you can:
- See a performance of choice for two people;

- Attend rehearsals, if you would like to see how such a project comes about

- A 'meet and greet' with Lonneke and her dancers after the performance

- A drink afterwards in the VIP lounge (at location performances)


By introducing the "Geef-Wet" (giving wet) it is possible to claim an extra deduction of 25% of the amount that you actually donated, up to a maximum of € 1,250. For example: with a donation of € 300 you can deduct € 375, and with a donation of € 5,000 even € 6.250. As a result, you pay substantially less for your donation than the donation that we receive (an advantage that can rise to more than € 3,000 at the highest tax rate). Because a threshold of 1% applies to the single gift, it is even more attractive to opt for a regular donation. This donation is fully deductible, for which no thresholds and maximum amounts apply.


Did you know that donations are also deductible from the tax?
With your contribution you will help us a lot. Thank you so much.

A periodic donation is an annual donation for at least 5 years, which is recorded at the notary. From an amount of € 1250.00 per year, Lonneke van Leth Producties and a notary's office will bear the costs of drafting the notarial deed. To pass such a notarial deed, you can download a power of attorney via the 'proxy' form. The Giving Act also applies to the regular donation, allowing a deduction of 25% extra per year. The multiplier allows you to deduct an additional amount of up to € 1,250 in the Income Tax for 5 years, with the same tax benefit as described above. In order to optimally enjoy the benefits of the geef-wet (giving-law) during the regular donation, it is important to have this as soon as possible. For more information, please visit or contact our department.


Companies can also support us, from which your company can benefit from tax benefits. You then choose to make a donation, without a business interest or consideration in return (in that case there would be sponsoring and the Giving Act does not apply). If your company makes a donation to Lonneke van Leth productions, this gift can be deducted in the corporation tax up to a maximum of 50% of the profit with a maximum of € 100,000. The multiplier also applies to companies, which is even 50%. This means that the gift deduction will be increased by 50% to a maximum of € 2,500. So with a gift of € 5,000 € 2,500 extra can be deducted. For more information, please visit or contact our department.