Foundation Ballet van Leth

Lonneke van Leth Producties is a young, dynamic organization that produces dance performances in the theater, on location, for schools and offers a wide range of lessons in her own studio. The work of choreographer Lonneke van Leth, which is characterized as modern dance, is recognizable, narrative, energetic, humorous and multidisciplinary.


Lonneke van Leth wants to show that dance can be attractive, understandable and at the same time of high artistic quality. With her idiosyncratic and narrative modern-classical dance style and especially humor, she surprises and enthuses both experienced audiences and audiences who first get acquainted with dance.

In the dance sector in The Hague, Lonneke van Leth is distinctive in her understandable, enthusiastic and high-quality dance and her narrative dance style. In classics, the story - often about life and love - is no longer under discussion, allowing Van Leth to focus optimally on a quirky and contemporary typical 'Van Leth translation'. This makes her unique and a strong dance brand within the Hague dance chain.
Van Leth almost always works with music composed specifically for her and a live performance. Van Leth constantly seeks new ways and collaborations with orchestras, conductors, composers and ensembles, such as the Matangi quartet, the New European Ensemble and the Asko / Schönberg ensemble. The goal of collaboration is always to enrich the dance sector and make it more accessible. Through the permanent partnerships with schools throughout the country, the dance core creates the public of the future and promotes The Hague as the dance city in the Netherlands.

Foundation data

KvK nr: 27314361

BTW nr: 819087178B01

IBAN nr: NL02INGB0005409092


Cultural institution Lonneke van Leth Producties is one of the leading dance companies in The Hague with an ANBI status. We make productions for a wide audience. Every year we attract about 7,000-8,000 visitors and 6,000 students. Because government funding is greatly reduced due to the cuts in culture, Lonneke van Leth Producties wants to become less dependent on these resources and generate more own income. A potentially very important financial resource is formed by donations, inheritances and legacies. That is why we ask everyone who loves culture and Lonneke van Leth Producties to support us. We need your support!


Lonneke van Leth Producties
Binckhorstlaan 36 (M601)
2516 BE The Hague
M: +31 (0) 6 18 08 60 12
RSIN: 819087178B01

Board composition and remuneration policy

The board of Stichting Ballet van Leth consists of five persons:

  • Mrs. E. Dekkers (chairman)
  • Mr. A. Seger (treasurer)
  • Mrs C. Ludwig (general)
  • Mrs. M. de Wijs (general)

Lonneke van Leth holds the position of artistic director. The board of the foundation receives no compensation. There are no employees, all professionals are hired. 


The goal of the foundation is stated in article 2 of the articles of association:
The foundation aims to: promote dance and theater culture by developing and presenting cultural initiatives and activities.

Policy plan

A policy plan will be drawn up for the 2014-2016 period, which can be requested for inspection via

Report of activities and financial reporting

The financial annual report can be requested via