We offer performances for youth and education programs for primary and secondary education. In the The Hague region, you can contact us directly via Outside of The Hague, our performances are sold via Impresariaat Uit de Kunst.

Additional workshops

Klik hier om een tekst te typen.We also offer an additional workshop program before and / or after the performance. In the workshops pupils get an idea of dance history, or dance is compared with other disciplines (The Match), more understanding is created for a classic (Coppelia, De Vuurvogel, Een Romeo & Julia) or social problems in the world of youngsters people are discussed on the basis of a performance (The loverboy and the girl) or the plastic soup at presentation 'Afval? Ben je Mal! '. These workshops ensure intensive contact with the dancers, so that the performance is experienced more intensively by the students.

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Dance curriculum

We also offer a complete dance curriculum in which the substantive wishes of the school are tailored to the possibilities of Lonneke van Leth. The program is divided over all school years and levels within the school. The pupils are given the opportunity to present their work, to reflect on each other and to analyze, so that they can go through a phased learning process. Performance visit is also a fixed part of the learning track. All activities are carried out by Lonneke van Leth and two permanent dance teachers. The pupils are therefore well informed about the working method of the company and get acquainted with the dancers and teachers. This promotes the process.

In the coming years Lonneke van Leth will make the series "De Tien Klassiekers". She has a classical culture history to a contemporary dance version for youth. The aim is to bring the cultural heritage to the attention of young people, to show them that these stories are understandable and to show the influence of classics on everything that has been made afterwards. Lonneke van Leth wants to show that dance is attractive and understandable while still of the highest quality. With her idiosyncratic, narrative modern-classical dance style and above all: humor, she surprises and enthuses many students.


The series consists of the following classics:

  1. De Vuurvogel
  2. Coppelia
  3. Een Romeo en Julia 
  4. Sylphides Belofte
  5. Assepoes
  6. Midzomernachtsdroom
  7. Het Zwanenmeer
  8. Don Quichote
  9. Doornroosje
  10. De Notenkraker

In addition to the ten classics process, we also offer the following school performances:

In our own studio in BINK36 we provide dance lessons given by qualified teachers. Currently, the lessons are given by Lonneke van Leth and her regular dancers Camille Pidou and Riccardo Sbrighi. Fixed runner of Lonneke van Leth is Steven Pinheiro. Our studio offers lessons for beginners and advanced at different times. The room has a shared dressing room and traffic space. BINK36 has enough free guarded parking spaces.

You can contact us for the following styles:
- Classic ballet
- Modern dance


Binckhorstlaan 36, M601 (entrance next to Colorworks, elevator to the 6th floor)



The packages we offer are:
- Classical on Monday evening 19.00 - 20.15, 17 lessons, teacher Lonneke van Leth (€ 212.50)
- Modern on Wednesday evening 19.00 - 20.15, 17 lessons, teacher Riccardo Sbrighi (€ 212.50)
- Classical on the Wednesday evening 20.15 - 21.30, 17 lessons, teacher Camille Pidou (€ 212.50)


Seperate lessons

It is also possible to follow separate lessons. The costs for a single lesson are € 17.50.
For more lessons per week, the costs are in addition € 75.00 for 10 lessons. Would you like to try it for free, without obligation or do you have questions about the program, which level suits you or the costs? Send an e-mail to:


For the lessons on the Mondays (advanced):
tm 18 July 2018 in total 25 lessons, no lessons on 2nd Easter and Whit Sunday
per course 312.50
when taking a second course, 250 euros


For the lessons on the beginners / advanced Wednesdays:
A total of 27 lessons will be held from July 18, 2018.
per course 337.50
for taking second course 270 euros